Adobe Lightroom Presets

Drag the sliders to the right to apply the presets

The Hero preset is our go-to preset for most photos on social media. It places a central emphasis on Loki and works well in various lighting conditions.

Villain – A darker twist on our Hero preset

Gopher – This preset is utilized most often for sponsored social media work. True to color and clean.

Yeti – Bright and white. Works well in most lighting conditions.

Bigfoot – Works well on underexposed photos to reveal what’s lurking in the shadows

Sabertooth – Bright and punchy. This preset brings flat colors to life

Grizzly – Another one of our favorites. Works well on portraits and backlit photos.

Kodiak – A soft film fade and @jessepackwood go-to preset

Cubbie – Ally inspired, cooled down film look similar to @acoucke photos on instagram

Wild Together – One of the main presets used in our book

Great White – Our go to preset for adding contrast in cloudy snow conditions

Woolly Mammoth – Dark and moody style for dramatic scenes. Try adjusting your exposure to get this preset just right.

Bonus Fall – Great for making fall colors stand out

Wild Together 2.0 – An added bonus preset designed for print. It’s used frequently in our Wild Together book.

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