Meet our pack leader,

Kelly Lund

I grew up on a family owned campground in rural California where my world and childhood revolved around the outdoors. Later in life, I decided to move to Colorado to pursue a career in the outdoor industry as the outdoor rec coordinator for the city of Denver. Besides the outdoors,  I always had an interest in photography, but, this didn’t blossom until Loki came into my life and I started documenting our adventures together. 

Starting out just for fun, I decided to start an Instagram account for Loki in 2013 where we shared our travels across the western United States.

Our story was later picked up by numerous publishers and gave us unexpected exposure and we developed a big fat family on social media. With 2 million followers on Instagram & Facebook, our social family grew to love our adventures. Realizing that we had gained a platform and voice in the social media community, we set out on a mission to inspire others to get out, explore the world and make memories with their dogs.

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Loki + Raven

2 furry brothers, exploring to wildest corners of the earth. One of us distracts dad by cuddling him by the fire, while the other heads out on bad dog duties.

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Moments + Memories

Photography Prints by Kelly Lund