What Loki Naturals Product is Right for you?

What is CBN? 

Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor cannabinoid best associated with a calming and heavy eyed effect.  The input of CBN to the formulation process gives you a full spectrum product that works. Most industrial hemp extraction methods involve harsh chemicals that not only remove beneficial compounds, but can be harmful if not properly remediated. Our lipid infused tinctures are made with nature and your pets' health in mind.


Each of our tinctures were created to work alongside your pet's tolerance and lifestyle. All of our dosage recommendations start with the minimum recommendation and are designed to be increased depending your pet's CBD tolerance, weight, etc.

Full Spectrum CBD:CBN 575mg  

Serving Size (minimum/starting recommendation)
Use 1 drop per every 10lbs of weight.
1 drop -> 0.83mg CBD + 0.125mg CBN
1 dropper is 20 drops.
Weight Chart
20lbs - Give 2 drops
40lbs - Give 4 drops
60lbs - Give 6 drops
80lbs - Give 8 drops

Full Spectrum CBD:CBN 1150mg  

Serving Size  (minimum/starting recommendation)
Use 1 drop per every 20lbs of weight.
I dropper -> 1.66mg CBD + 0.25mg CBN
1 dropper is 20 drops.
Weight Chart
20lbs - Give 1 drops
40lbs - Give 2 drops
60lbs - Give 3 drops
80lbs - Give 4 drops

International Shipping

In order to be compliant with U.S shipping requirements we are only allowed to ship within the United States (including Puerto Rico), as well as Germany. 

 Lipid Infused Process

Lipid-infused oil is unique and much more effective than CO2 extracted products.

Products made with CO2 extracted oil use dangerous high pressures in processing and often chemical solvents. Lipid-infused extraction uses the whole plant, which allows the body to access the full range of beneficial compounds including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other potential wellness benefits. 

This extraction method keeps these delicate synergies intact, just as mother nature intended them to be.

Benefits of Loki Naturals 

For the overall health and well-being of your pets wellness.

Whether your pet struggles with anxiety, age, or joint pain Loki Naturals will keep your furry friend ready for adventure.