Loki Naturals 1150mg CBD:CBN Full Spectrum
Loki Naturals 1150mg CBD:CBN Full Spectrum

Loki Naturals 1150mg CBD:CBN Full Spectrum

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For the overall health and well-being of your pets wellness.*

Whether you pet struggles with anxiety, age, or joint pain Loki Naturals will keep your furry friend ready for adventure.*

Lipid-infused oil is unique and much more effective than CO2 extracted products. Lipid-infused extraction uses the whole plant, which allows the body to access the full range of beneficial compounds including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other potential wellness benefits.*

This extraction method keeps these delicate synergies intact, just as mother nature intended them to be.

*Our CBD can only be shipped to the United States and Puerto Rico. Any orders outside of the country will be cancelled and refunded.



Full Spectrum CBD:CBN 1150mg  

Serving Size (minimum/starting recommendation)
Use 1 drop per every 20lbs of weight.
I dropper -> 1.66mg CBD + 0.25mg CBN
1 dropper is 20 drops.
Weight Chart
20lbs - Give 1 drops
40lbs - Give 2 drops
60lbs - Give 3 drops
80lbs - Give 4 drops


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Loki Naturals is amazing!

This CBD product is amazing! Our small terrior mix is so afraid of fireworks, gun shots, cars back firing, loud noises and just basically being left alone. We use this often to calm him down and it works really great. Settles him down to a manageable behavior and he usually goes to sleep. If you have a high anxiety pup, try this! You won't regret it....

Will be buying this FOREVER

My BC/GSD is incredibly high energy, and because of that I have a hard time finding pet sitters who can keep up. Now I can give her a daily dose of CBD which mellows her out and makes her more manageable/less needy :) Oh! and it also gives us the ability to have slow mornings when I give it to her before bed (so refreshing!). A MUST buy!

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